Jos Von Arx trade website 'OPEN FOR BUSINESS'

To coincide with the re-opening of high street retail, we are pleased to announce the opening of the all new JVA Group Trade Website. 

The site has been devised with our retail customers at its core, and is not available for consumers to purchase from. If you are a regular JVA retail account we will send you an email inviting you to register on the site within the next few days, when thereafter you will be able browse our ranges, take advantage of some special re-opening offers and of course place an order.  The Site will also enable you to track earlier order placed either on line or via your local representative as well as being able to review your account statement and other features. If you are new to Jos Von Arx, please feel to register and we will set up your account and get you on the way to stocking our lovely products within a short period of time.

We will also make our current brochures available to you once logged in to look through and download our different products displays and special features.

Finally, so you know we pay full commission to our highly valued agents on orders placed via the website, so feel free to top up between your sales visits.

Jos Von Arx. 


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BORIS outlines the next steps the Government will be implementing as the UK continues to relax coronavirus lockdown measures.

Ring Rescue

Ring Rescue offers a new way to remove stuck rings from swollen fingers. By reducing finger swelling directly, ring removal becomes simpler. Designed by a team of medical doctors and engineers, Ring Rescue is easy to use, requires no specialised training and is available to all quality jewellers.  Review the product in action here: ring rescue video